In the past, internet services were a luxury. But things have changed. In this era of global connectivity, access to the internet is an indispensable reality for life and work.

Brant Fibre Optics is committed to progressive measures to improve technological capability in our communities.

We are investing in building a reasonably priced, fibre optic solution that delivers accessibility and affordability. Small businesses that could never have afforded a fibre connection will be the first to benefit, with services running through business sections before expanding to residential areas in the future.

An additional advantage of Brant Fiber Optics is that economic gains will be reinvested into community infrastructure. A win / win for everyone.

Brant Fibre welcomes the opportunity to show you the many way's we can add efficiency to you and cost savings to you connectivity and internet access needs.  VOIP (voice over IP) solutions are also available through our partner that can compound the savings even further!