"The seamless installation of our Fiber Optic Service & System from Brant Fiber has provided our company, partners and clients with a reliable, secure and super fast connection."


Blueprint Agencies is thrilled with our fibre conecction!  Reliable, Fast and great service are all terms that describe Brant FibreOptics.  Well Done!


Brant Fibre provides the speed and security required to protect our customers privacy and our 24/7 service requirements.  At BCP, our customers come first and Brant Fibre helps us with that mission!


With mission critical services scuh as Fire, police, road works etc., the county needed the speed and reliability that only fibre can offer.  Brant fibre has delivered and exceeded all of our expectations.


BGI regularly shares files in excess of 1 gig within our retail marketplace.  Prior to joining Brant Fibre, files would have to be uploaded over night and often would crash using broadband.  Now with 1 Brant Fibre line, we are able to manage all file sharing needs during the day along with supporting the internest needs of our 50 staff.