What is Fiber?

There is a reason that Albert Einstein, one of the most influential physicists of all time, was fascinated with photons. Photons are the fundamental element of light, and fibre is all about using the light.

Fibre connectivity uses fibre optic cables instead of copper or cable co-axial wires. By using the power of light instead of electricity to communicate data, fibre optic technology can provide two-way transmission at incredible speeds.

Traditional internet works by using technology that transmits high frequency signals to carry data over existing communication lines. Fibre based internet has a connection speed significantly faster. Fibre optic cables carry internet, voice and video simultaneously over a single strand of optical fibre using light instead of electricity. Its your connection alone. Its not shared at all.

Join the speed of light, with Brant Fibre Optics.

Why Fiber?

The internet is congested. The enormous demand for internet capacity is creating sluggish download and upload speeds which are only getting worse. In order to compensate for the demand, large internet companies have resorted to “bandwidth throttling”. Bandwidth throttling means rationing the internet through restrictions and caps on upload speeds, online gaming and peer-to-peer file sharing because it
is the only way to provide a reasonable level of service to all clients.

Who wants restrictions? Who wants reasonable? No one!

We want infinite connectivity! We want extraordinary!

We want unstoppable potential!

That’s why we are providing fibre internet. .. a whole new system of capability.